"The recent turmoil and upheaval in the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is an unfortunate state of affairs that will ultimately have to be dealt with by the next sheriff.  The schism will have to be healed in order to reconstitute a viable, effective, and responsive law enforcement organization but right now, opposing factions have divided it into two camps with little common ground."

"When it comes time to lead men and women in endeavors that may put them in harm’s way, it helps if you have been there before yourself.  “I have seen the elephant”, and I know how to lead."

"I look forward to the opportunity to serve as the Sheriff of Missoula County if the voters deem it to be; I seek no endorsements other than those of the voters.  Win or lose, I wish only the best for this great county, state, and country."

Currently Senior Deputy Sheriff II with 32 years with
the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department

Resident Deputy in the Seeley Swan area · Uniform Patrol Officer
Deputy Coroner · Search and Rescue Coordinator
Rescue/Recovery SCUBA Diver · Law Enforcement Dog Handler
Detective ·  Civil Officer · Snowmobile Patrolman
School Resource Officer · Boat/Personal Watercraft Patrolman


Jimmy Kaaro Award presented at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy for obtaining the highest academic record during Basic Class # 55, 1984

Achieved perfect score - final exam, Basic Class # 55; 1st time ever accomplished, 1984

Purple Heart for being wounded in the line of duty, 1992

Armed Action Medal for being involved in a gun battle, in the line of duty, 1992

Life-Saving Ribbon for saving the life of a dying hunter, 1998

1992 Local Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Missoula Exchange Club

1992 International Assn. of Chief’s of Police/Dupont Kevlar Survivor’s Club Award

1993 Montana State Law Officer of the Year, Montana Sheriff & Peace Officer’s Assn

1994 Certificate of Commendation from President Clinton; presented at The White House, Washington, D. C.

1998 Domestic Violence Peace Officer of the Year, Missoula Area Dom.Viol. Council

2001 Montana Law Officer of the Year, American Legion

Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry

Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management

Fire Control Technician, Salmon River District, Klamath National Forest (2 years)

U.S.F.S. Smokejumper, Region One, 120+ jumps; fought fires throughout West & Alaska, 8 years (4 years prior to regular military service and 4 years after)

Combat Tour of Duty – Director, Iraqi Police Service, Iraqi Security Forces, First Marine Division, Camp Blue Diamond, Ar Ramadi, Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Retired from the USMC as Colonel (0-6) on 31 May 2005 after 30 years of Service



Paid for by Robert E. Parcell, Democrat
213 Holland Lake Rd, Condon, MT 59826
Home: (406)754-2535 ~~ Cell: (406)210-1561


Bob Parcell and Thunder the Law Dog




MSO Smokejumper 1980


Jolan District, Battle for Fallujah, Securing Iraqi Police Commando Site


Family, Frenchtown 1988